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For both home and primary education I have various training courses and programs with which I can help you. When you go to a part, you will find the different routes that suit the target group and the situation with a price indication.


Does your child, partner or yourself have a learning, behavioral or developmental challenge? Would you like to know how to cope when your partner has ADHD, Autism or, for example, Borderline? 

Through psychoeducation, talks, support and materials, I hope to help you understand things better. 

Student guidance: individual or group 

Are there a number of children at your school who are having a hard time, at home, with themselves or in class? I specialize in behaviour, learning and development issues. Tell me what you, the parents and/or the child are up against and together we will look for appropriate guidance. 


Teacher guidance 

Do you employ new teachers who have not (yet) or recently graduated and do you want to offer them the right guidance? I like to help, think and look along to make the transition as smooth as possible. Both for the teacher, the children and for the school.  


Appropriate Education 

Do you have to deal with Appropriate Education at school or in the classroom and would you like to better understand and guide this? I am currently working with various companies and agencies to make Appropriate Education suitable. This can be done by providing information and training to teachers, organizing psycho-education or looking at other possibilities.  

Class climate 

During my work as a teacher I have been asked several times to 'reset' a class. There was a lot going on at that time, children stayed at home and the teacher actually didn't want to anymore. Recognizable? Together with you we will get it back on track. This can be short and superficial, long and intensive and everything in between.  

How can I help? 

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