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My name is Anneke Kuilman, 34 years old and I am a teacher, student at the Master's program in Pedagogy/Orthopedagogy, podcaster and behavioral specialist.

My parents have eight children and because of this I came into contact with the dynamics in a (large) family at an early age. As a result, I learned to deal with mutual differences and complexity at an early age and how to empower everyone. However, I never thought about making this my job before. I went to the Hoger Hotelschool and soon started my own restaurant. Yet something was missing: the feeling of really meaning something to someone, a child, a family. In the hospitality industry I missed the mission to help others, to guide or to add something that went beyond a nice evening.

I am thePABOand from the beginning of my career in education I have been interested in the 'underdog': the child with a learning, development and/or behavioral challenge. How to guide the teacher or reset a class? My affinity for education is very strong, although I notice that I run into a wall to offer the children and the parents the guidance and help they need: the teachers, the internal supervisors and the children.

In the classroom and at home. Hence the InnerSideSupport initiative. 

Because if you have graduated, as a teacher, internal supervisor or teaching assistant, you do not automatically have what you needpedagogical knowledgeand information to be able to deal with the current learning and behavioral problems. Education now entails more than just educationknowledge transfer: Coaching, personal development, diagnoses, guidance and individual treatment plans. And how should you as a parent, neighbor or patient deal with such issues and challenges? 

Behavioral problems: How do you deal with it? Problems in class cause unrest and a negativeclass climate, a negative atmosphere at home, afeeling of inferiorityorconflicts. It hinders the teacher from teaching and the students from getting good results. The parents to play with their child and as a partner to enjoy your quality time.

Through my education I also got acquainted with diagnostics and I am now working on mybasic note diagnosticsto obtain. How to reach someone, how to make contact and which (supervision) plan best suits this child and in this situation? What is feasible and does it benefit the child the most? Questions I like to explore and answer. 

I am eager to learn, driven, honest and transparent. My pitfalls can be that I am sometimes a bit too enthusiastic, too idealistic and very eager to do well. When I dose this it can have a positive effect. I really want to be of added value to children, parents, teachers and internal supervisors.

I look forward to oneacquaintanceand anycooperation.

Contact us without obligation and we will look at the question together:How can I help?


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