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My name is Anneke Kuilman and I am a Master Pedagogue/Orthopedagogue .io During my studies I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience regarding diagnostics, learning, development and behavioral problems. I would like to share and disseminate much of the knowledge I am now gaining. This information is mainly heard a lot to be more accessible. For you, for the parents, children and all other interested and involved parties, so that you can get started with this yourself. At home, in the classroom or the whole school. 


The queues for mental health care are long and there is a demand for guidance or practical and easily applicable tools. By means of scientific knowledge and substantiation, the four-eyes principle in the field of diagnostics, a lot of experience and motivation, I would like to contribute something to the current problem.


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Our Services



Do you notice that you run into problems in your relationship with yourself, your partner, child or loved one? Do you suffer from quarrels, conflicts or misunderstandings and do you want to understand each other better? Please feel free to contact me and we'll see what we can do. This can be done through psycho-education, information material, a manual and conversations. It is accessible and informal, with quick results.  


Children's drawings

A child's drawing can say a lot about the life phase of the child. As a result of a number of characteristics, details and use of color, a lot of information about well-being can already emerge. Wondering what your child/pupil draws and what lies behind it? Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you. 


Suitable education

Do you have to deal with Appropriate Education at school or in the classroom and would you like to better understand and guide this? I am currently working with various companies and agencies to make Appropriate Education suitable. This can be done by providing information and training to teachers, organizing psychoeducation or looking at other possibilities.  

How can I help? 

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